Celebrating Thanksgiving with Tiffany & Co. in London

Thanksgiving is always a tough time of year for me. Being so far from my friends, family and home country, it’s day that is usual spent crying over my Pret Christmas Sandwich. Man, does that ever sound sad. Ok, it’s not usually that bad. It’s just a tough time to be away from the people you love when you’re used to big family dinners, afternoons of movies and eating so much throughout the day you feel like you are going to burst. 

This year, however, I had my Thanksgiving dinner with a new group of family and friends. Tiffany & Co. invited me to dine with my colleagues in the industry. We were also joined by the Tiffany team, who have, in truth, become extended family as of late. It was a beautiful afternoon in which we were all spoiled beyond belief, from lovely bubbles to blue box surprises. Even the food was traditional Thanksgiving fare. Turkey, stuffing, cranberry sauce and the most delicious sweet potato gratin tower, made for a perfect plate to celebrate the holiday. They even finished the meal wit a chocolate and pumpkin pie.

Thank you, Tiffany & Co., for turning an otherwise depressing day into an afternoon to remember. This year I am so thankful for the kind and wonderful people I have met through Fashion Foie Gras and it was such a pleasure to spend this special day surrounded by those individuals.


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