Anna Wintour went to a Kanye West concert

Anna Wintour at Kanye concert, via Instagram

If ever there were a news piece we never thought we’d write, it’s this one. Anna Wintour went to a Kanye West concert last night. Not only that, she went with her daughter and Grace Coddington in tow. And… she sat next to the Kardashian Klan. You just can’t make this stuff up! This all comes via numerous social media accounts, however one Andrew Tees caught the whole thing on instagram and shared it with the whole wide world to see. For this, we all did truly need proof. 

Now, of course we’re all wondering what this means, because Anna Wintour can’t just go to a concert to listen to music right? Could it be all the high fashion Kanye was showing off on stage? Or perhaps Wintour is looking at a future cover opportunity? Let’s just say this now… should Kanye find his way onto a Vogue cover, our subscription will end then and there, forever. All faith in fashion lost, all hope for the future gone.  {Image source: via The Cut}


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