Video: Boomer, The Golden Retriever, 2.0

Touched down in London and have arrived with a giant hole in my heart. Boomer the golden retriever is back in the USA and we’re here in the UK trying to work away to forget that we’ve left a little ball of fluff behind. The thing is, he’s not so little anymore. Boomer has become a mini-dog, no longer puppy. As promised, we’re sharing a new look at FFG’s official mascot. He’s doubled in size since we saw him eight weeks ago and has developed a love for chewing designer goods. Yes, this is a problem. That being said, his tastes do vary. He’s as happy with a Ralph Lauren cashmere sweater as he is toilet paper from the loo, no offence Ralph. This is the way of the pup. However, it must be said that he is learning a thing or two about the cost of items by how loud we scream when he runs off with them. When running away with clothing, Ralph Lauren, for example, equals mega screams while classic Levis jeans warrants a simple “bad dog.” Although, who are we kidding? The jeans actually look better now that Boomer has given us a rip or two.

Without further ado, here’s Boomer version 2.0. At 4 months old it’s hard to believe he’s already this big…


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