Uniqlo’s keeping it stylish for winter warmers this season

We realize Uniqlo is taking over the world. They seem to be opening stores here, there and everywhere recently. While we are aware most of you already know about Uniqlo and their diverse offering of winter warmers, we’d like to suggest you take a second glance this season. The people over at the brand sent over a few of their products for the season ahead and there was one that stuck out as a leader of the pack. We’re talking about the collarless compact Ultra Light Down jacket. Bottom line, it’s a winter wardrobe essential. It’s warm as hell (well not exactly warm as the place “hell,” but you get the reference), it’s stylish and can be worn ten ways to Sunday. It’s also only £39.90. 

Now, when styling this wardrobe essential, we found it’s light enough to layer under an overcoat but also warm enough to layer with a simple denim vest. Hello, versatility. Our favourite aspect of this winter warmer is the way in which it packs. It folds down to the size of a water bottle and squishes in wherever you need it to for packing. 

In short, pencil in Uniqlo for the shop this week. You can’t say you won’t be prepared for the cold and rainy days ahead. 


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