Top 10 Couples Halloween Costume Ideas, as discovered on Instagram

Halloween is just around the corner, and while most people are focused on what they’ll wear as an individual, we thought we’d look at some ideas for couples. Instagram seems to be the best place to find inspiration these days, so here are our top ten ideas for couples Halloween costumes, as sourced from one of the greatest social sites of our time (all pictures are linked to the instagram accounts from where the images were sourced). 


Above – Rachel Zoe and hubby Roger. If you’re in fashion, this is a perfect combo for an industry Halloween party. Everyone will get it, if done right, from the moment you step into the room. Just remember to say “bananas” a lot. 

Below- Barbie and Ken is a classic. However, these two took it to a new level, box included. 

Mary Poppins! Yes, this is a perfect look for those of you looking to impress not only the adults at the party, but also their children. Get your man to dress as the chimney sweeper and you’ll be all sorted. Just don’t forget the umbrella!

This one requires a bit of time to put together, or at least it certainly looks that way. Dressing up as your favourite soap and an accompanying sponge. Pretty creative…

It almost seems too easy. Wayne and Garth from Wayne’s World can be the easiest solution to your Halloween costume debacle. Made easier, naturally, if one of you is a natural brunette and the other a natural blonde. But hey, if not, that’s what we have wigs for. 

Well, if all else fails, the two of you could just get together to make the perfect pair of breasts. Honestly, who thinks of these things? 

If you’re into being Pocahontas, why not have the boy dress up as a cowboy? It’s an interesting take on the whole cowboys and indians theme we used to play to when we were kids. Although we don’t remember the Pocahontas costumes being this sexy at the age of 10. 

If you are of the musical persuasion, perhaps you’d like to take a look at this couple who took decided to dress up as Oko Ono and John Lennon. Yup, it works and easy enough to do!

Ok, so this one isn’t for a couple, it’s more for a trio. But we couldn’t resist sharing. It’s a throwback to simpler days. How about dressing up as Rice Krispy boys – Snap, Crackle and Pop!

Going with a bigger group or have a few friends that have no idea what to wear for Halloween? Try on this Cruella DeVille look with as many dalmatians as needed to complete the look… up to 101. 


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