Shear transformation: Elliott Sailors makes the move from female to male model

For those of you living stateside, you’ll see a model making the morning show rounds this week with a most surprising story. Elliott Sailors was a successful female model who decided to take a stab at a different market – male modelling. She recently sat down for a haircut that would completely transform her career, and had her husband capture the whole thing for Youtube (see below). The video, along with the story, has since been picked up by major media outlets such as The New York Post and The Daily Mail. Elliott Sailors has also made an appearance on The Today Show, where she discussed her transformation, and will soon be appearing on The View to discuss it further. Yes, this is a story that has legs, which naturally leads us to wonder if Elliott will be continuing to shave hers or will be going au naturel for the new role. 

Now, let’s take a step back here and recognise that while the idea itself is different and controversial, it is not the first time it’s been done. Last year we reported on the model Casey Legler, who had also made the jump, as a female, into male modelling. Her success story is one that was picked up around the world. She was one of the hottest males we’d seen in a while. Try and work that out in your head. Talk about blurring the gender lines there. Elliott Sailors is no different. Her look as a woman was stunning, but her transformation into a male is simply outstanding. 

We must admit that as the issues of GQ, Esquire, etc, make their way into the office, we find ourselves wondering if we are making eyes at a hot man or a hot woman on the page. 

Now, who will be the first man to take the step into the woman’s world of modelling? Oh wait, Andrej Pejic’s already done that. 


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