Miley Cyrus twerks her way onto December cover of Cosmopolitan… and why we’re featuring it…

Miley Cyrus is covering Cosmopolitan December 2013. We thought long and hard about what to say when it comes to this cover. You’re either pro or con on Miley Cyrus these days, in a big way. So instead, we thought we’d bring up an idea that was brought to light by Sir Elton John recently when he was asked about Miley Cyrus. 

When speaking on the Ellen Degeneres show, Elton shared-

“Miley Cyrus went on and performed like she did as the whole purpose of the VMAs, when you’ve got all these big artists competing with each other for attention, is to flatten the opposition. She flattened the opposition. No one talked about anyone else except Miley. She has two records in the top ten and she has the number one single.”

While we may not all agree with how it is that Miley flattened the opposition, you can’t argue with Sir Elton. He has a point. Even today, people are still talking about Miley’s twerking, even in our post title. So Miley, we pass the hat your way. Whatcha gonna do with the newly discovered fame? Maybe twerk onto some acts of goodwill? 

Watch Elton’s complete interview here-


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