Leopard Print Shirt love… what I wore to Bazaar’s Bicester launch

On Tuesday I made my way to Bicester Village to check out the new Harper’s Bazaar Boutique. While it all may look very put together in the post, I must admit that the morning did not start on the best note. I had on a beautiful white sweater from Ralph Lauren and was heading out of the house when, I kid you not, I had a true movie moment. I stepped out into the street and was immediately splashed by a car storming through a massive puddle in the street. The white sweater became a Jackson Pollock creation. Mortified, I ran back into the house and changed gears entirely. 

Out came the Leopard print shirt, Boyfriend jeans and a parka. Now, here I was rushing like a mad woman, as I was late as hell, and hadn’t really looked into the mirror. In fact, I had completely forgotten at this point that I was dressing to be photographed. Thank heavens, then, that the ensemble seemed to do well on film. Not only that, but I had several of you asking where you could get the leopard shirt. While of course you may expect I’d say it’s something terribly posh like Equipment or Cavalli, it is in fact a basic from NEXT (and it’s available to purchase in the UK & USA). Surprised? Well, if you’ve seen what the brand is offering these days, it won’t seem like too much of a shock. This is one brand that has upped their style ante over the past few seasons. Case in point, this oversized leopard number. It’s £28 and a constant compliment driver these days. Best £28 spend I can think of for some time now. 

For those of you that asked, hope this answers…


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