Karl Lagerfeld’s “fat” comments coming back to haunt him?

Looks like Karl Lagerfeld’s fat comments are once again coming back to haunt the man who famously fought the battle of the bulge himself. The Huffington Post reported this morning that Karl Lagerfeld is being sued by a group called Belle, Ronde, Sexy et je M’assume.

The women defending curvy girls everywhere are accusing Lagerfeld of “defamatory and discriminatory comments,” and are calling for change. They claim that such comments are greatly affecting young women today and they want a chance to respond and confront Karl on his remarks

Well, ladies, fair play to you. Do we think anything will change as a result? Quite frankly, hell no. Speaking up for women that are a “normal to larger” size is a game as old as time. It’s a topic that resurfaces now and again and then disappears as we all move on to the next story. We’ll remember this happened, but we’ll all be back to reporting about catwalk models first thing in the morning. 

So what has to happen for change to occur? Well, if we knew the answer, we’d be leading the charge. The answer for everyone reading this, however, is to not give a damn about Karl Lagerfeld’s comments about other people, that are clearly made to feel better about himself. Perhaps he says these things to scare himself into staying thin. Who knows? Who cares? Take a look in the mirror and care what you have to say about yourself, no matter what your size. Truly, nothing else matters, not even this industry, which can be quite simply ridiculous at times…. or at least at times like these.

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