FFG Weekly Reheat: From photo shoots in grand houses in London to snuggling with a puppy in Beaufort, South Carolina

Today I’m writing this from South Carolina where I have a puppy at my feet and the the tide rising out my window. In short, I’m in heaven. But the week didn’t start in the beautiful South. My week actually kicked off in my own hometown – London. The first pic on this week’s reheat is from North London where I took part in a photo shoot for Grazia. We were set up in the most beautiful home on a rather rainy day. Didn’t matter as everything inside was a ray of sunshine, including the amazing team for the day.  Thank you, Grazia, for an amazing day!

On the way home from the shoot I stopped into the post office where I found two packages waiting. There was one from Seasalt that had a special present inside. These guys know how much I love their sailor socks. Honestly. They’re all I wear in the winter. Light enough to fit with boots but warm enough to wear in the house to keep the toes warm with the winter weather ahead.

The second package was from a good friend and contained a very special flask. “Girls with class don’t need a glass,” indeed!  That little number kept me warm, alongside the my first fire of the season. Yes, winter has officially come to the UK.

Speaking of winter, it was also time to get out the cashmere for the season, and invest in some new pieces. Pure Cashmere is one of my favs as I’m addicted to their luxurious knits. If only every day could be a Pure Cashmere-ical. 

I spent the afternoon with the super talented Elgin Avenue, trying on bits and bobs at Hoss Intropia. That led to me discovering a necklace in store that I pretty much couldn’t leave without.

Then it was time to jet off to the USA for a few days. Work, work, work. It’s tough, eh? I didn’t take off before contributing to the cause. Michael Kors was fighting world hunger on the 16th and I was asked to contribute a picture wearing a tee in support of the charity. So there we are…. #watchhungerstop. Then it was off to the USA and my reading for the flight ranged from UK mags to Tamara Mellon’s new book.

After finally landing in Charlotte, NC, I was reminded of where I had landed by a rather telling sign in baggage claim. Southern style! Don’t forget to pick up your gun cases, folks.

Then, without thinking much, I decided to get a three inch trim off the hair. Probably should have thought more about that before deciding I was going to be Pocahontas for Halloween. Grrrr. I think Boomer liked it though. 

No trip to the USA is complete without retail therapy, where I discovered tons of treats for Halloween, as well as holiday decorations already on sale! 

Then down south to the coast with the parents and pup. Boomer sure can strike a pose for the camera, but he’s a royal pain in the arse when it comes to reading magazines.

And and if America runs on Dunkin’ Doughnuts, I had to take part! 


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