FFG Weekly Reheat: From doughnuts to balloon invites from J Crew

So it’s time again for the FFG weekly reheat. This week I was split between the USA and the UK. So let’s start off with the American version of this journey. What better way to begin on a Sunday than with a look at “what America runs on”…. Dunkin’ Donuts. Oh to be eating one of those this morning.

Now, onto more “bigger picture” shares. I had a lot of time to run around downtown Beaufort on this visit and tried to capture as much personality of the little town as I could. This is truly my favourite place on earth and I’m so happy to call this area of the world “home.” 

On the islands, Gullah cooking is the cuisine of the Low Country. On the island near ours there’s the famous Gullah Grub restaurant that has been written up by everyone from Oprah to the New York Times. 

Sometimes the sunsets in Carolina make you think you are in a parallel universe. How can anything be this beautiful every single night? Takes my breath away. This is home. 

I can’t tell a story of home without sharing the main motivator for stepping into town… Hello, Boomer!

A bit of style here with accessories. First Missoni nails, later with studded shoes and clutch. Hello, Louboutin. 

Has anyone else noticed that popcorn has become a thing? It’s one of the trendiest foods to eat at the moment. So I am mighty thankful for the large box of Metcalfe Popcorn that arrived on my doorstep last week. So yummy. 

Had to bring a little bit of home back to London with me in the form of Hershey’s Kisses! Oh, and the perfect charm bracelet for Halloween arrived from Thomas Sabo. Love the bat charm.

This has to be the best desk office accessory ever. Now sitting in front of me beckoning me to draw some tape! FYI- Available on Amazon

And finally, something to look forward to next week! J Crew opening in London… and the coolest invite to the party!


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