Fashion News Update: Downton Abbey meets The Simpsons, Britney gets photoshopped and thoughts on the future of Burberry

1. Todd Lynn fans, this one’s for you. The designer has teamed up with Debenham’s on a moderately priced collaboration. {Vogue}

2. Why Burberry’s CEO will make a great Apple Executive? {Entrepreneur

3. Jenny McCarthy had a tough fashion day yesterday. Just goes to show you can be head to toe in designer and still mess it up. {Red Carpet Fashion Awards}

4. Can Christopher Bailey keep Burberry watertight? {Telegraph}

5. One for the foodies – 15 amazing ways to spike hot chocolate. {Buzzfeed}

6. Some serious photoshop in action here with Britney Spears. Proof, ladies, these women aren’t always what they seem, even on video. {Jezebel}

7. Downton Abbey characters have been made into Simpsons cartoons. Love! {Buzzfeed}

8. Michelle Obama orders in a very special fashion film to the White House for a private screening. {Refinery 29}

9. The world’s most expensive Halloween costume may surprise you. {Luxury Launches}


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