Fashion News Update: Downton Abbey meets The Simpsons, Britney gets photoshopped and thoughts on the future of Burberry

posted on: Tuesday, 15 October 2013

1. Todd Lynn fans, this one's for you. The designer has teamed up with Debenham's on a moderately priced collaboration. {Vogue}

2. Why Burberry's CEO will make a great Apple Executive? {Entrepreneur

3. Jenny McCarthy had a tough fashion day yesterday. Just goes to show you can be head to toe in designer and still mess it up. {Red Carpet Fashion Awards}

4. Can Christopher Bailey keep Burberry watertight? {Telegraph}

5. One for the foodies - 15 amazing ways to spike hot chocolate. {Buzzfeed}

6. Some serious photoshop in action here with Britney Spears. Proof, ladies, these women aren't always what they seem, even on video. {Jezebel}

7. Downton Abbey characters have been made into Simpsons cartoons. Love! {Buzzfeed}

8. Michelle Obama orders in a very special fashion film to the White House for a private screening. {Refinery 29}

9. The world's most expensive Halloween costume may surprise you. {Luxury Launches}