Eating at Le Grand Colbert: Following Diane Keaton, Keanu Reeves, The Kardashians and more

Last week we enjoyed a meal in Le Grand Colbert, a rather popular spot with the big screen and small screen set. Remember that scene in Something’s Gotta Give where Diane Keaton and Keanu Reeves are enjoying a romantic dinner in Paris? Or maybe you’re more familiar with the Kardashians most recent visit to Paris where they dined in a beautiful Belle-Epoque style brasserie. They’re both filmed in Le Grand Colbert and after spending a view hours enjoying the absolutely scrumptious culinary delights, we now understand why this is a regular haunt for the rich and famous.

Let’s kick off with a shout out to the Onion Soup. Holy mother of food, I’ve had onion soup before but nothing like this. Overloaded with bread and cheese, which was cooked to crispy perfection, this is what trips to Paris are supposed to taste like.  

I followed the French Onion Soup with another restaurant specialty, the steak tartare. Spiced to deliver a tongue tantrum, what looks like just a raw patty was in fact a tender and delicious mouthful. It’s also the first time I haven’t been able to finish a plate in Paris. It was so rich, I made it half way through and couldn’t go any further. I’d recommend ordering to share between two. It’s just too much. A friend ordered the chicken, which apparently the restaurant is famous for, and I have to admit that I had serious food envy throughout the entire meal after taking one bite. Definitely one to order if you visit!

Finally, I finished with a capuccino and small dark chocolate treat. The waiter decided to have a little fun with me towards the end as he pretended to dump the entire thing in my lap. Turned out it was just a cup full of wrapped chocolates. A bit of a warped sense of humour there. 

While the food was enjoyable, we’ll just say the wait staff was an experience and leave it at that. 

Thanks the the NEXT girls, for organising the adventurous night. The company was honestly the best part!


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