Camouflage your closet for less in autumn winter 2013

So unless you are print blind, you will have noticed that camouflage is everywhere for the season. It’s one of the hottest prints going and it’s being seen everywhere from tops to studded toes. The obsession, naturally, stems from the catwalk – see Christopher Kane and Michael Kors for some strong examples. In autumn winter we see camo everywhere. 

While we look to the catwalk for inspiration, the nice thing about camouflage is that it’s been around absolutely forever. All you have to do is walk into your local Walmart to find a hunting section with a whole aisle of camouflage pieces. Buy smaller or larger sizes depending on the look,  and wrap or belt any number of coats, t-shirt and trousers for an instant update to the wardrobe. Sounds ridiculous but it really is just that simple. Sure you could take the easy road and buy out Christopher Kane for the season. But isn’t it more fun to put your own twist on the trend? 

Here are some suggestions for updating Walmart/Target/Goodwill etc. camouflage buys

1. Throw some fur on that bad boy. Go on eBay or your local flea market and find some vintage fur, preferably a collar or shawl. Attach it to a camouflage jacket for an instant bit of bliss.

2. Belt it! An oversized men’s camo shirt or jacket, wrapped and belted is a perfect look for the season. Wear with jeans and heels and camouflage goes from hunter to the hunted in no time. 

3. Bling, bling. Some of the chicest looks we’ve seen out and about this season have involved not one but several big broaches. Don’t be afraid to accessorise a camouflage look. It will take a pattern that’s commonly associated with rough and tough men and turn it on its head immediately into something feminine and soft.

4. A tee accent. Wearing a camo tee underneath a posh blazer can sometimes be the easiest way to wear the trend. Remember, you don’t have to go full on camo to look like you are embracing the ebbs and flows of fashion. Whether accenting with a camo-tee or a camo-flat, let this print act as an accent in your wardrobe when the time is right.

We’ll be doing a full feature on camo wear straight from USA shelves later this month, so stay tuned! This is just the start of the ideas factory. 


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