How much is an ad-free copy of American Vogue’s September Issue? Check this out…

Anyone else still working out the arm cramps that were caused by carrying all those September issues around? The ads this season were intense and resulted in some of the largest page counts to date. However, have you ever wondered what the issue would look like if every ad was cut out? Well, not only can you now visualise such a phenomenon, you can also purchase that exact issue. Only this September issue will cost you a lot more than the general $6.95 price tag. This 2013 American Vogue September Issue ad-free will cost you $4,447,847.53. Why you ask? Well, one man in Korea took it upon himself to make this offering possible. He clipped all the ads, tallied up how much each ad was worth based on Vogue’s Media Card and then listed the amended copy on Craig’s List. We’re thinking Vogue should purchase this just for their personal collection. Or perhaps it belongs in a museum somewhere to showcase just how ridiculous the ad count is getting these days.

Here’s the full text from the Craig’s List listing. Brilliant, just brilliant. 

I am selling an “Ad-Blocked” issue of Vogue US, September Issue 2013. What I did was to cut out all the pages with advertisements, and left only the articles. For the pages I couldn’t remove, I went over them with a big fat permanent marker. Now you can enjoy an uninterrupted read of the most anticipated issue of this fashion bible.

If this price is a little higher than you anticipated, let me explain. By referencing VOGUE’s media rate cards, I calculating the ad expenditure of this issue for 280 Full Page Ads and 45 Double Page Spreads. This was the amount advertisers spent so you could buy your copy of VOGUE at just $12 at your local bookstore. So obviously, without the ads, I will have to pass on the cost to you. 

There is good news though: the rate card did not include premiums for this being a “September Issue”, which I am sure will bump the price up even more. 

So what are you waiting for? This is a steal!


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