1 day, 3 hairstyles: braids, curls and volume

Yesterday was a never-ending event day, but we’ll get into that later. From Shoreditch to Chelsea, it was a day of presenting, attending and dining. It also was a day where I spent three and a half hours in various chairs getting the hair done. I loved every single style, so had to share. A side braid, curly locks and bouncing waves were all tried on for size. While I could get used to changing my look regularly throughout the day, it seems that my hair has actually gone on strike this morning after such an eventful 24 hours. How models do this, without their hair falling out completely, during fashion week will now always amaze me. 

Now on to why I’m sharing. I was presented with so many options yesterday that it really led me to think about how much one can get attached to their hair. That all being said, there’s so much you can do with the locks you’ve been given and sometimes it just needs new perspective to make a temporary change happen. May I encourage you to experiment and have fun with up-dos, curling irons, straightening irons and rollers. Use Youtube and Pinterest as places to discover outstanding suggestions! The possibilities are endless. 

Thank you to both the teams at John Frieda and Wella for showing me the light!


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