World Exclusive: “Harrods I’m Home” campaign images and video

You may remember back in July I spent the night in Harrods. While this may sound like the ultimate luxury, and while in actuality it was, I spent the evening working. Yes, I can feel you rolling your eyes even now. How can that be considered work? Well, I’m very pleased to be able to give you the world exclusive first look at what we were “working” on. 

For, the world famous department store created a unique and very special campaign called “Harrods I’m Home,” which will officially launch tomorrow on the site  The idea is that this beautiful woman, pictured herewith, is locked in Harrods, a place that is considered her home. The crew and photographer spent the night in Harrods in July shooting the model around the department store, using departments as if they were her very own closet, bathroom, dining room, kitchen and more. 

There is no possible way to share how magical the atmosphere was on set for this campaign. Just imagine wondering through a completely empty Harrods. All the lights were out, there was not a sound to be heard while away from the set and every department was open for late night exploring. There is no other term to use other than a “big kid in a candy store.” And yes, I even hit up the candy store in Harrods. 

Make sure you follow Harrods on twitter and instagram, keeping an eye out for the official hashtag #HarrodsHome. This is only a sneak peek. I’ve seen the rest of the images coming your way and they are truly outstanding.

Here’s a look at the trailer for the video accompanying the campaign…. if this isn’t just everyone’s idea of heaven! 


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