The London Fashion Week Load: Day 1, L.K. Bennett’s Rosamund Bag

Day one of London Fashion Week and I’m flaunting my favourite orange about town: The L.K. Bennett Rosamund Bag. Rumour has it that Rosamund Pike (yes, the famous actress) worked diligently to make sure this orange was absolutely perfect for the bag. Well, Rosamund, you got it spot on! The orange is a colour pop that is poignant yet subtle. In short, it is in fact the ideal orange for a handbag. Now, onto what was in the bag for day one. I came prepared!

1. Estee Lauder’s Bronze Goddess – Considering most of us are fresh off a plane from New York City, this is a must have for any fashion editor. It’s the best bronzer out there, in my humble opinion, and with one swift movement along the cheeks you are instantly brought back to life. I’ve been using this for ages and consider it a true beauty secret for looking healthy even in the most bleak times. 

2. Charlotte Tilbury Makeup – While I wish I could carry the entire collection in my handbag, today I’m going for a light load, so taking with me my two essentials. These guys will travel with me forever in the future. They’ve only launched this month and I’m an addict. First up we have a lipstick I believe everyone should own. It’s called Penelope Pink and it’s the favourite shade of a rather famous Penelope.  It is also one of the most flattering lip shades I’ve ever used. Definitely check this out. Sitting beside that lipstick, I have Charlotte’s Magic Cream. Charlotte has been mixing this for years herself to use backstage at fashion shows. It is best described as breathing life back into your skin. I wear as a base in the morning and reapply throughout the day to make my skin look dewy and refreshed – a must between catwalks. 

3. Bloom and Blossom Revitalising Leg and Foot Spray – This is a new product I’m obsessed with and I’m pretty sure you will be too. It’s a bit of a secret as it’s actually a product for pregnant women. This is a bottle filled with the magical powers to calm down water retention on tired and heavy legs while also improving skin tone. In short, it’s a miracle spray. We’re all flying around the world during fashion week and getting straight into high heels when we land in whatever country we’re in. At the end of the day our legs are damn near falling off. The Bloom and Blossom Spray is staying permanently in my handbag as it feels like a direct hit of goodness for my rather battered ankles and legs. 

4. Red Carpet Soles – This is another fashion secret at the moment that’s quickly getting out there to the general public. These are insoles developed specifically for high heels and for women who are sick of the good awful ugly insoles we are forced to purchase at drug stores… you know the ones I’m talking about. Being comfortable doesn’t have to feel like a fashion sin! 

5. ASOS very kindly sent over a special pressie for London Fashion Week in the form of this beautiful personalised iPad case. I’ll be using it all week! Word has it they’re getting ready to launch a new set of  high end accessories in the coming months. We’ll keep you up to date!

6. Coach Umbrella – It rained like crazy today so an umbrella was of course needed. In fact, I’m now bringing one along everyday as there’s nothing worse than sitting front row looking like a drowned rat. 

7. Anya Hindmarch wallet – An oldie but a goodie. I’m pretty much carrying Anya wallets only these days as they last forever and are always terrible chic. This one’s been a favourite in rotation for over a year now. Studded and small. In short, it’s love.


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