Tiffany & Co. Atlas collection: From beach to backstage

It’s no secret that I have an unhealthy obsession with little blue boxes. My history with Tiffany & Co. goes back twenty years. At the risk of disclosing my age, I’ll just say that very early on in life I was seduced by the brand. From simple silver accessories to 5-karat diamond rings, I’ve found there is a piece for every occasion in life.

As I’ve aged, my taste in jewellery has changed. I find this has more to do, these days, with what I do for a living now. As a fashion blogger I’m constantly exposed to the latest in fine jewellery and asked to go here, there and everywhere to examine and celebrate new collections.  Recently I was introduced to the new Tiffany & Co. Atlas collection and it quite literally blew me away… straight down to my local bank to check out just how many pieces I could afford to acquire. 

I actually need to take a step back because I do believe that the way in which I was introduced to the collection perfectly illustrates why I fell head over heels for it. When I was first looking at the  Tiffany & Co. Atlas collection, I was immediately drawn to the Atlas Wide Bangle in 18k gold. It made it’s way onto my wrist, as these things tend to do, and a trusted confidant whispered to me – “That will look amazing whether you’re wearing it on the beach with a bikini or front row for fashion week.”  My heart melted. This particular person knew my weaknesses and every single word of what he said was true. 

The Atlas Collection is designed in a way that allows the owner to wear pieces casually on a daily basis or as a statement piece for special events. It’s fashion at it’s best. It’s an investment in your daily decoration. Trust me, I’ve worked out the cost per wear and it’s worth every penny. 

So far the Atlas Collection, on my wrist, has seen flights from New York to London and back again, and of course will feature prominently in my fashion week wardrobe for the remainder of the month from London to Paris. I actually have a confession to make: the Atlas Hinged Bangle has yet to leave my wrist since putting it on weeks ago. For those of you that follow me on Instagram, you’ll already know this. 

Need inspiration on how to wear? Keep an eye out for the Tiffany & Co. Atlas Collection to be featured in daily Outfit du Jours

Images of Emily Johnston taken by Terence Webb.


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