The London Fashion Week Load Day Four: Whistles Grovenor Limited Edition Clutch

If there’s one clutch I would advise you to buy this season, it’s Whistles’ Limited Edition Grosvenor clutch. This was my bag of the day for London Fashion day four and out of all the bags I carried all week, this little number had the most queries. It was petted, clutched, run away with and asked after. It is, in short, an “it” bag without being terribly over the top. 

Now on to what’s inside. Today, it was a light load although I could fit loads inside.

1. Vintage Sunglasses with a Frame Chain. This handy chain was given to me by a friend who thought it was fashionable chic. While I’m used to seeing my grandparents with chains around their glasses so they don’t lose them, apparently it’s chic to wear these on your sunnies now. Who knew? Well, I’m constantly being schooled in what’s hot and what’s not. These Frame Chains are so hot they can’t even keep them in stock. So I’m trying to fit in with the cool kids and I’m wearing mine proudly. Practical and pretty.

2. Canon S95. My dad gave me this camera for Christmas last year as he wanted to contribute to helping in lightening the load during Fashion Week. Dad, thanks again. He did a lot of research and assured me this was the best compact camera on the market. Dad, once again you’re right. It shoots beautifully and captures some amazing catwalk images.

3. Back in August I was sent a device from my iPhone called the Shuttr. This is the ultimate tool for anyone wanting to take a selfie. It’s basically a tool that allows you to balance the phone anywhere, step in front of it and snap a picture from a far with a remote control. Could this revolutionise self-style blogs?

4. Elizabeth Arden Eight Hour Cream. I’ve actually been meaning to recommend this for some time now as I do rely on this little miracle in a bottle for an awful lot. When I was first introduced I was told that it was a do-it-all, fix-it-all, product. Since my first intro, I have in fact used it as lip salve, moisturiser, burn relief and more. For fashion week I also bring it along to help with uncomfortable shoe situations. It’s basically just a handy thing to have around and I find every makeup artist I know carries a tube with them.

5. Eye drops. You can get these absolutely anywhere. They are the number one thing I hear that supermodels swear by. It’s these guys and water. The red eye relievers basically help in making you look fresh and awake, even after a late night. As I’m averaging three hours of sleep a night, this little bottle is a must. Follow the instructions on the back and make this a lifesaver in your emergency wake-up kit.

6. Nike Fuel Band. I actually doubled my fuel goal today, burned 2300 calories and walked nearly 20,000 steps. Honestly, fashion week is harder than it looks! 


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