Stella McCartney speaks to Vogue: 8 things we learned…

Let’s just cut straight to the chase here… Eight things we learned about Stella McCartney from her recent interview with Vogue Voices:

1. She’s inspired by anything and everything from a Bluebell in the forest to lighting tape on the video set. 

2. Stella’s a mother of four… wowsers, for some reason we thought it was a smaller family. Mad respect, woman.

3. Stella McCartney hires models that she wants to be. That, it must be mentioned, means girls who haven’t washed their hair and have lipstick on from the night before. We aren’t making this up. She’s keeping it real.

4. She trained to be a Savile Row tailor. Explains a lot. She then goes on to discuss her love for feminine prints and materials and for things to be soft. This, folks, is what makes Stella McCartney a designer like no other. The masculine cuts with feminine fabrics and beautiful prints is a Stella signature.

5. Bless, Stella. She truly does understand woman and admits as much. She is a woman who dresses us for us. She’s not some horrible designer punishing women. She admits she designs easy pieces for women to throw on in a hurry and look fabulous. 

6. Stella McCartney tries on everything in the fittings! Truly, she’s only making pieces she herself can wear. Bravo!

7. If she could shift the industry, Stella McCartney would like to make people more responsible and have them “not just think about a pretty handbag and a profit line.” Amen, sister!

8. Not surprisingly, Stella McCartney was very heavily inspired by her mother. Momma McCartney apparently would cut her own hair and wear very little makeup. She was a natural beauty.

Here’s the video in full:


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