Paul Smith’s new shop has a room covered in 26,000 dominoes…

Paul Smith has just opened the doors on a new shop in Mayfair, on No.9 Albemarle street. While one might think, “really, another store opening piece?” this is not your average retailer. For starters, Paul Smith’s new shop has a cast iron fronting. It truly resembles a piece of wall art, rather than a piece architecture. And of course there’s no stopping Sir Paul when it comes to leaving his mark. In the video below, in which Paul Smith takes us on a tour of his new store, he shares with us some rather cheeky additions to the front entrance made by the man himself.  

While the outside is beautiful, the inside is an incredible treasure trove filled with all sorts of curiosities. From 26,000 dominoes covering the shoe gallery walls to scorpion coffee tables, this is one shop worth visiting even if you walk out the door empty handed. 


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