Must Watch: Kids recreate Kanye West’s Fendi Leather Pants rant interview moment

If you haven’t already seen the Kanye West interview that recently aired on BBC Radio 1, you missed quite the moment. Between talking about dinners with Anna Wintour and then switching over to claiming he feeds Fendi designs, this was entertainment at its best. However, we found a more entertaining version of the interview thanks to Jimmy Kimmel. Kimmel hired two kids to recreate the moment, word for word, and the result is absolute brilliance. 

UPDATE: Apparently, Kanye is not too happy about the video you’re about to see below. He’s gone on a bit of a twitter rampage today speaking out against the video. Sorry, Kanye. You have to have a sense of humour if you want to survive in this business. Surely it would have been better to laugh at this and step back, rather than full on confronting Kimmel on twitter, which in turn only helps him in increasing his following. Aw, social media is a bitch like that, isn’t it? You want to hurt someone with words and in the end you only help them become more popular.

UPDATE: Kimmel and Kanye Talk-


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