London Fashion Week: Todd Lynn Spring Summer 2014

Todd Lynn‘s show ticket is always one of the most coveted of the season. His shows are intimate and feel more as if they are a reunion for family and friends than a catwalk show to sell to the industry.  You don’t just like Todd Lynn. Ask any fan of the brand about their emotions when it comes to Lynn and there’s only love there, folks. At the show people are smiling, joking, enjoying themselves and actually look relaxed as they wait for the presentation to begin. 

Judging by the looks on the audience’s faces, I’d say Todd Lynn has once again cemented himself as a designer to be coveted. The neon sign leading to the basement show spot for Todd Lynn Spring Summer 2014 read “thrills,” and was the perfect description of what we were to discover. While Todd Lynn’s most recognisable pieces are usually outerwear, the designer brought an entirely new feel to the brand for spring summer 2014. Pieces, such as blazer/short combos and shift dresses with decorative backs, were soft and airy, but they kept Todd Lynn’s sophisticated tailoring. Alright, there were a few leather biker gilets to buy into as well. Not to worry, folks, Lynn knows the pieces that his buyers come back for season after season. However, with the introduction of new looks, new favourites are created each year. 

Perhaps one of the biggest surprises of the evening was the fact that the many garments had an unfinished appearance to them. Of course, they are very much “finished” in this style, but this is the complete opposite to what we normally see from the designer who is in fact known for his impeccable construction. Todd Lynn pushed the boundaries today and, so far, all we’re hearing are whispers that it will truly pay off. 


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