London Fashion Week: Markus Lupfer Spring Summer 2014

posted on: Sunday, 15 September 2013

Markus Lupfer presented at London Fashion Week today near Hyde Park Corner with a rather unusual set up. Seems Lupfer is inspired by teenage girls of the early 90s. He sites “Daria” and “Mean Girls” as inspiration, immediately making us love this man even more for having such incredible taste.  

Upon entering an L shaped room, we see a group of people crowing around a light stage. On that stage are seven or eight woman (can’t remember exactly) all lounging around what appears to be a teenager’s bedroom. There are magazine pages littering the wall behind a giant bed where three girls sit. One reclines comfortably while two, who look as if they could be twins, embrace a giant teddy bear. Then there’s the girl playing the pink guitar in the front while her two friends stand opposite her, one reading and the other starring out in the crowd aimlessly. So now you have the scene, let’s talk about the clothes.

While most of us know Markus Lupfer for his decorative knits, for spring summer 2014, you’ll be enjoying a new side to the designer who will be bringing forth everything from bomber jackets to pleated shorts. Not to worry, as he’s continuing on with his knitwear. However, there’s a lot to see here for an expansion of the brand. Let’s be honest here. One can never have enough Markus Lupfer in their closet, so we’re  embracing the “Mean Girls” look and buying into A-line skirts and silk joggers from Mr. Lupfer.