London Fashion Week: David Koma Spring Summer 2013

posted on: Sunday, 15 September 2013

David Koma is a show that has greatly “picked up speed,” shall we say? This is a designer that captured the attention of many with his very first show. Now, his runway is near impossible to get a ticket to attend. Yes, this London Fashion Week designer is in demand and it’s no surprise. David Koma has a wonderful understanding of a modern day woman embracing fashionable moments. Spring summer 2014 showcased what we like to call the contemporary fashion warrior. The looks were feminine and sexy, but also strong and determined. It will take a certain type of lady to rock these looks, but the lady who does is one we’ll all want to be.

It wasn’t until after the show that we got a chance to sit down and read the press release on David Koma’s spring summer 2014 collection. And as it turns out, we were spot on with our warrior prediction. Koma tells us he was moved by “the mysterious Japanese art of Kyodo… a meeting of Samurai marital arts and the spiritual practice of Zen philosophy.” This explains so much!

While many of the looks were monochromatic, and some darker than others, there was a sign of a brighter spring summer 2014 with shades of blue and pink shining through.  Oh, and for those of you that were thinking you’d get away with hiding your back next season, think again. David Koma is yet another designer showcasing a lady’s back as a beautiful element to focus on for the season ahead. Start googling back exercises now. I’ve already plugged in “banish the back fat now.” Anything to wear Koma and wear it well.