London Fashion Week: Anya Hindmarch Spring Summer 2014 is Out of This World

Every single season now, you’ve heard me shout from the rooftops about how fabulous Anya Hindmarch is. Well, so sorry to seem like a broken record here, but you’re going to hear it again, and this time a little louder. Anya Hindmarch spring summer 2014 is out of this world, literally. In fact, that was the actual title of her show. No, she wasn’t tooting her own horn, outing herself as super fabulous, she was taking us out of this world and into outer space.

This season is actually the first now that Anya Hindmarch has used a runway. I know this might sound peculiar for fashion week, but if you look back at the shows we’ve covered, we’ve seen Anya Hindmarch candy factories show, Anya Hindmarch carousels show and Anya Hindmarch dominoes show, but we’ve never seen an actual runway show that you’d come to expect to see at London Fashion Week. 

Now I’ll say upfront, we are going to show you some of the bags herewith, but we’ll wait until the re-see to really go into the highlights for the season. This story is all about the magic of Anya Hindmarch’s presentation and it starts from the moment we arrive at our seats.

On my portion of the bench, I was greeted by a silver packet of Walker Crisps, that had a special wrapper to match the show’s theme. Below this salty treat, however, was the real creme de la creme. Before the show I had been asked to give the Anya team my birthday and time of birth. Confusing, right? I had no idea why they needed that for a presentation. Well, I soon found out. Under my Walker Crisps was a whole guide to my astro-biological journey – “to discover your universal truths, astro-facts and space oddities.” Here I thought I was going to look at handbags for the morning and I got a lot more than a bargained for with a window into my soul. Now I’ll go ahead and say you can actually do this for yourself with a programme that Anya Hindmarch has created and it’s online, highly recommend you give it a visit –

Now, onto the show. As I said, the runway element was clear. We knew that was going to happen. What was unexplained, however, were the giant orbs in the sky and the strings in the ceiling. All would be revealed as the first model took to the catwalk. All was as expected for about one minute. Then the orbs lit up in the ceiling to become planets and throughout the course of the show we were taken on a journey from night to day. Then things starting falling out of the sky. By things, I mean bags of course. It was all about anti-gravity here at Anya Hindmarch. Oh, if only those bags were falling from the sky and into our laps to take home. They were absolutely gorgeous.

So just when you think things can’t get anymore out of this world, two models wearing harnesses made their way down the catwalk. Then they were flying in the air. No kidding. They were flying in the night sky surrounded by planets and dozens of beautiful leather handbags. And just like that the show was over, way too soon in my opinion as I could have sat there for ages enjoying the presentation of such beautiful luxury items. 

Thank you, Anya Hindmarch, for giving us the perfect end to London Fashion Week spring summer 2014. (PS – Video going up this afternoon of the flying model event on FFG’s Youtube page –


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