London Fashion Week: 12 05 Spring Summer 2014

posted on: Sunday, 15 September 2013

Designer Paula Gerbese took a bow at the end of her 1205 show in London yesterday, wearing a beautiful black jumpsuit and looking humbled by the entire experience. The who’s who of fashion sat front row for the Central Saint Martin’s graduate, who showcased a spring summer like nothing else we have seen thus far at London Fashion Week.

After examining the clothes, it will come as no surprise to hear Gerbese’s training is actually in menswear and couture. In my humble opinion, there could be no better combination for creating a collection. Gerbese understands how to make the perfect shirt, how to give women that wonderful androgynous look with the best quality fabric and construction. She, creates for men, as well. But as 95% of FFG’s readers are women, we’ll stay focused on the ladies side of things.

This season 1205 gave us oversized white shirts, beautifully cut Bermuda shorts and chunky knits that are highly desired by all in the industry. While the styling of the show may not be to everyone’s taste, the pieces seen individually are magnificent and will fit nicely into any wardrobe that is concerned with quality and expertise in fashion.