Jennifer Lawrence’s Dior ads are much more casual this time around

Back in February, Jennifer Lawrence’s first Dior ads were released and the actress was made into a Dior Lady. She was pictured wearing all black and made-up with red lipstick and a bold eye. In short, she was transformed. 

For Dior’s second round with Jennifer Lawrence, for autumn winter 2013, the actress is seen in a completely different light. Looks like Dior finally got the appeal of Jennifer Lawrence – her NATURAL beauty. This young lady barely needs a smidge of makeup and it’s clear Dior decided it was time to showcase that natural beauty front and centre, and thank goodness for that. 

Lawrence appears barefaced in the Dior campaign, wearing only a grey peacoat with a Dior bag thrown over her shoulder, naturally. 

We’re sure some will say these ads are “too safe.” And to that we say, “better safe than sorry.” 

Images: Dior via Huffington Post


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