Harrods has the perfect bag for fashion week: A massive (12 feet) Mulberry Willow, or how about a ceiling height ferocious Fendi?

Imagine, if you will, a handbag that can finally hold absolutely everything you need on a daily basis. The only problem is, said handbag won’t fit in your car. In fact, your car may just fit in this dream  handbag. Such is the case with the ginormous bags used in the Harrods Handbag Narrative campaign in the latest Harrods Magazine.  The bags are large, in charge and, for the first time, overshadow even the tall willowy model starring in the campaign. 

For fashion week, I’m thinking I need the Mulberry Willow Tote to carry everything from my SLR to my multiple shoe changes. 

In all seriousness, I do wonder what Harrods is doing with the actual oversized bags currently showcased in their windows. I can imagine nothing finer than awakening every morning to a 12-foot-Fendi staring down on me. Heaven in a home! 


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