Gisele Bundchen’s designing again and proving her involvement

There have been a lot of questions asked in the past few years about how many celebrities actually take part in the designer collections they lend their names to. Without naming names, it seem most celebs just turn up when all the hard work is done and give a pass or fail mark to the efforts. This is not to say the collections aren’t incredible, but it is sad to think of the behind-the-scenes designers slaving away in the name of Miss A-List-Gets-All-The-Credit. Which, of course, brings us to the topic at hand. Gisele Bundchen took to Facebook to prove just how involved she is in her own lingerie line today. 

Gisele shares, “at the studio creating my new collection,” with the above picture. And there you have it. Point made in seven words and one click of a shutter. The girl is there to share her vision, not a vision that is planned for her by a team of designers. For this, we give Gisele an official two thumbs up. Mother, model, designer and more. Bravo, lady friend. 


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