Fashion apps: Hermes release Silk Knots app for iPhone and iPad

Hermes enthusiasts and scarf addicts alike will enjoy this new addition to the iPhone fashion app family. Hermes have just released a new application that allows you to learn all the tricks of the trade for perfectly tying your scarf. And no, this isn’t the usual throw on and go. Hermes leads you through 20 different ways to tie your scarf. Would you really trust any other source for training you in the most fashionable direction for scarf accessorising? 

While the application currently has 20 new Hermes knotting cards, this will actually evolve over time with new knotting cards added every season. For those of us (myself included) that are exceptionally challenged in the art of tying knots, there are even a selection of step-by-step videos to help you along. Truly, this is idiot proof. 

Naturally, Hermes have also added a feature that allows you to browse the new collection. 

{Hermes Scarf App-iTunes}

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