The Supermodels return to cover Interview Magazine: Naomi, Kate, Stephanie, Linda, Christy and more…

Interview Magazine‘s latest issue is EPIC! Seven supermodels and seven covers make up an issue that is quite simply stunning. While the covers may grab your attention over all else, you won’t want to miss the goldmine that lies within… the interviews! Each of the big seven – Amber VallettaChristy TurlingtonDaria WerbowyKate MossLinda EvangelistaNaomi Campbell and Stephanie Seymour– reveal some pretty juicy tidbits about their pasts. 

Here’s something new we learned about each one of the supermodels that have seen more print space than any other in their industry…

Amber Valletta:

We love Amber’s locks, but Valletta shares with Interview that is was actually cutting off the mane that gave her the big break… “We went back to my apartment in Paris and just cut it all off. Two guys cutting my hair at the same time. And then literally overnight everything changed. I worked with Steven Meisel within a month and a half and I booked every show. Then I got a Vogue cover—my firstVogue—and that came out a few months later.

Christy Turlington:

Turlington can afford to be picky these days and after 20 years in the business, this year we are seeing her all over the September issues in ads. Speaking about her current work she stated… “I‘m flattered by the offers I receive, but there’s no real strategy to the way I choose what to do these days. If I’m in a good mood and have the time, I’m more likely to consider it. 

Daria Werbowy: 

Seems Daria took some advice from her fellow super early on in the game… “Kate Moss once said to me, “Don’t worry about the past, just keep going. That has always sort of stuck with me.

Oh and she also shares that Helmut Newton, on one of his last shoots, made Daria wear rubber nipples, after commenting on how skinny she was!

Kate Moss:
Looks like Moss is a fan of the goose. On her first trip to NYC, she made a very special and memorable purchase… “I remember I went to Harlem and bought a goose jacket. That was the hip, hot thing. It was all about a goose. “Oh, she’s got a goose.” It was a leather goose, and it was so cool.

Linda Evaneglista:

She’s one humble lady…. I’m not self-made. I can’t take full credit for where I am today. There have been so many people behind me—supporting me, pushing me, advising me, guiding me. I didn’t get here on my own.”

Oh, and it turns out she got her start from a pageant – how I got my start was that my modeling agency insisted I enter the Miss Teen Niagara Pageant.”

Naomi Campbell:
When it comes to Gianni Versace, we had no idea the relationship between Naomi and Gianni was so close… Every 15th of July, no matter where I am in the world, I always go to church and light a candle.”

Stephanie Seymour: 

Seems Seymour has had quite the experience with animals on set in her career… I’ve worked with Dobermans biting my arm. A bull. An ostrich. Boa constrictors. Snakes are really fascinating. But to relax and be able to have whatever expression you want to have on your face while you’re naked and a boa constrictor is draped over your body is not an easy thing to do.” 

Read all in the interviews and check out all the covers over on Interview now. 


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