The Daily Boomer: Wild and Free in the backyard

A Boomer Golden Retriever take over…

Alright, so I had such an overwhelming response for more Boomer puppy pics, that I thought I’d give in and provide a daily dose of puppy love. As I have to fly back to London and leave Boomer for the whole of fashion month, you will get a daily peek at the little guy up until the 29th of August. For those of you that aren’t puppy people, just pass through this post daily and move onto the next bit of fashion news. It will all be over before you know it. For those of you that are into your golden retriever puppies, make sure you not only check back daily but also follow little Boomer on Instagram –!

So today’s post is all about Boomer’s backyard. He has his own fenced in lawn just to the front of the house, a lux puppy door and more square footage than my flat in London. Oh how I hope all of my fellow Americans know how lucky they are to have wide open spaces! 

Here’s Boomer searching for trouble, finding it, looking guilty and conquering an adirondack chair that he’s been trying to tackle for days!


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