Site was down… massive apologies and explanation!

Dear Readers, 

It’s been a rather crazy 24 hours. Yesterday morning FFG was hacked and the site was redirected to a page in Vietnam. Not to worry, it wasn’t a malicious hacking. Apparently it was just someone looking to steal our thunder, or more like our traffic. While I was entirely flattered, I also fell to the floor like melted butter when I saw that the site had been hacked. I have been through this with other people and watched from the sidelines, helpless to assist in recovery. The closest feeling to having your site hacked would be either having your house robbed or your identity stolen. You truly feel violated. 

However, the absolute worst and best part of the day for me had to do with YOU. Dear readers, I had the loveliest emails and twitter support from you all. I was truly floored. Emails came in from around the world with words of support and advice. I even had one reader offer to bring doughnuts and coffee to assist in burning the midnight oil and solving the problem. It occurred to me, at this point, that the universe works in mysterious ways.

While I did think that my whole world had collapsed in front of me, I was reminded that in fact no one had died, no one was in any danger and at the end of the day if it all ended right then and there I would look back and really feel quite blessed to have experienced what I have over the past four years. But, the universe seems to have other plans as the site is now back up and running (for the long haul I hope), and I’m working as fast as my fingers will allow me to get you all caught up on the past 24 hours without posts!

I honestly cannot thank you enough for continuing to support me and the site, even through crazy times like this. It seems that when you think you really have hit rock bottom with a situation, it’s the amazing people in your life that shine through. I am at a loss for words. Thank you, Thank you, Thank you.

And let’s keep fingers crossed that all these problems are solved for the foreseeable future. 

Lots of love to you all!!



Ps – After things have settled down again I will write a quick piece for you all that are bloggers about what happened and some people you can call for help if it ever happens to you. In IT situations, it’s all about what you know and who you know. 


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