Sean Parker’s Social Wedding….from Elie Saab gowns to Lord of the Rings costumes

Sean Parker (remember the guy played by Justin Timberlake in The Social Network?) recently got married. Only this wasn’t your average wedding. No, this wedding is rumoured to have cost $10 million to put on. Although, Sean Parker and wife Alexandra Lenas deny this figure. What on earth, you ask, could cost that much money? Well, one look at Sean Parker’s wedding photos and you’ll see exactly why this wedding would cost the world, and then some, for the former President of Facebook. Vanity Fair feature the Big Sur based wedding in their September 2013 issue and have posted several pictures of the fairytale wedding online for the world to see. Here’s a glimpse at one of the most lavish wedding’s we’ve ever come across. 

First up, here’s what we know about this over the top marital celebration…

1. The bride wore Elie Saab (love!) -and looks exactly like the dragon lady from Game of Thrones.

2. The wedding was inspired by Lord of The Rings.

3. In fact, they even had the costume designer from the movies come in and design outfits for all 364 guests!

4. According to the NY Post, guests had to give 22 measurements in a pre-wedding questionaire so that their custom made wedding attire would fit perfectly!

5. Guests wearing the Lord of the Rings costumes for the wedding included just about everyone that owns a social media company and countless celebrities including Sting, who serenaded the couple, Olivia Munn, Metallic frontman Lars Ulrich, Allison Williams, Sean Lennon and many more. 

6. Mother and sister of the Bride wore Marchesa.

7. Their wedding cake was 9-feet-tall!

8. Guests received leather bound keepsake books as party favours.

9. If you wanted to lounge during the wedding, there was a designated area with beds covered in fur pelts. Lush!

10. This is more of a question really, where did Olivia Munn get the rabbit? 

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