Saying Sì to life and myself with Armani

For those you of that follow Fashion Foie Gras on instragram, you may have noticed last month I took my first step into moving pictures with two special videos inspired by the launch of Giorgio Armani‘s new fragrance, .Armani approached me last month to ask if I would be part of a campaign in showcasing the core values of the fragrance launch and after reading all about the inspirations for Sì, meaning “yes” in Italian, it was a project I was more than pleased to be a part of. This was all about a project in “Expressing your Sì.”

I was given the idea of five core values: Modernity, Sobriety, Elegance, Freedom and Sincerity. These are not only the values that make up a strong and confident woman in this day in age, but are also the parts of ourselves we fight to keep balanced on a daily basis. Armani is in turn asking us to recognise and embrace these parts of ourselves through the campaign launch of the new fragrance. 

Here’s a look at the two videos I created for the campaign:

The first video, titled “Sì to life,” was perhaps the easiest for me to create. My life over the past four years has been dedicated to Fashion Foie Gras. What started as a blog has truly become a journey. It’s not only been a journey in discovering myself, but in also discovering the world around me. FFG has led me to places I could never imagine and truly, life has become about travel. I wander the world and try to keep my eyes open constantly to the new people, places and emotions that are present around me. There is no time that I feel more alive than when I am travelling and challenging myself in new situations with newly discovered communities. My biggest challenge these days is communicating that back to you, the reader. Each time I do, however, I’m saying “Sì to life.”

The second video for Sì was infinitely harder to create. I was asked to use the theme “Sì to myself.” This ended up being a bigger question than I’m sure Armani intended for it to be. I took the four core values of Sì and wrote them down on a piece of paper, hoping I could find inspiration. Modernity, Sobriety, Elegance, Freedom and Sincerity… how do I identify with these words? How do they relate to me as an individual and how I can capture them on film? In the end it came down to a very simple message for me in sharing happiness and items that make me feel powerful and serene. I showcased the making of a smile and the way we share these emotions not only through the lips that form the smile, but also through our eyes. I then shared a pair of black high heels that not only make me feel elegant and modern, but also give me a sense of power, resulting in a feeling of freedom. And finally I closed the video with an image of roses, which, for me, signifies sincerity and a truth of emotions. 

Sì by Armani, aims to empower women. For those of you that have a scent you wear daily, you’ll definitely agree that without that scent you feel naked going out into the day. A scent is as important as the clothes you wear on a daily basis. A scent often reaches a person before a handshake, introducing you through a completely different sensual experience. It is perhaps the greatest investment we can make in ourselves through beauty. 

Sì by Armani is a fragrance that has a sophisticated and fantastically feminine finish. Notes of bergamot, mandarin oil and liquer de cassis merge with rose de mail absolute, neroli absolute and Egyptian jasmine absolute, to create a fragrance that is unique and quite simply unforgettable. And this is before you reach the heart of the fragrance which features patchouli oil, amber and Orcanox. Finally, it finishes with hints of vanille, leaving a trail as delicate as the woman who wears it. 


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