Quote of the Day: Carrie Bradshaw’s Blahniks were 56% cheaper when she bought them a decade ago

If you’re charting the rise of luxury goods prices, or if you’re just a consumer who is seeing their bank account numbers become smaller and smaller due to the increase in prices over the years, there’s one article you have to read today over on the Business of Fashion. 

The piece, titled “Fashion Inflation: Why are prices rising so fast?,” addresses all you need to know about why your bags and shoes are costing more than ever before.  We all look back and wonder how Carrie Bradshaw’s character could afford to buy Manolo Blahniks, right? Well, turns out they were 56% less back in the day. Absolutely incredible how fast the luxury marketplace is growing and churning out bigger numbers than ever before. Make this a must read today. 

{Business of Fashion}


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