Presenting the $12,900 Hermes Basketball

Hermes are preparing to reopen their 12,000 square foot Rodeo Drive store in Beverly Hills. Now what do you do to celebrate such a prestigious opening? Well, if you’re Hermes you create two $12,900  blue basketballs to accompany the launch. And why not a price tag of $12,900, right? It is, after all, made with the same leather that creates the world’s most expensive handbags. It’s stitched by the exact same artisans that make the famous Birkin and Kelly bags. They should have just rounded it up to $13,000. What’s another $100 at this point?

So the question we have is who will the buyers be? We’re figuring that to play with such a ball, you’re looking at a cost of $1 a dribble, or more. That’s some luxury b-balling!  {Hermes}


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