Natalia Vodianova covers Harper’s Bazaar UK September 2013 in Dior

Natalia Vodianova is the modern woman who truly does seem to have it all. The model, mother, philanthropist and marathon mother never stops. She’s recently left England and moved to Paris and is telling her tale in the September issue of Harper’s Bazaar UK. Vodianova stuns in Dior for the supersized issue of the magazine.

Here’s a sneak peek at the model’s interview with Harper’s, out on newsstands and digital August 6th.

Interview highlights:

On relocating to Paris:

‘Of course coming to Paris was a difficult decision. It was hard for me to leave my idyllic country-bumpkin set-up to come to a city, but in the end it was the right thing to do, for me and Antoine (Arnault) above all. But also for all of us, to get out of that sleepy environment in which we were completely protected from the world in a little bubble. It was the right decision for the children, too; they were ready to get into a city environment.’

On the challenges of motherhood:

‘Motherhood has been everything I wanted it to be, but at the beginning it was hard. I hated the idea of anyone looking after my child – I’m a very proud person – so I did it all on my own at first. But then I started getting work again, so I had to look for professional help. Poor Lucas [Natalia’s 11-year-old son] – in the first three months of his life I went through about 30 nannies. I hated the idea of a stranger looking after my child.’

On modelling:

‘Since I established Naked Heart [her children’s charity], I have thought of modelling as my fun “day job”. I love it because it’s such a contrast to what I really do in life, but I only really give my head and my gut to the work I do for charity. Fashion provides a kind of relief, and as a woman, of course, I love to dress up. I love beautiful things and I love creative people and it was such a fun experience for me in the beginning, but I always knew there had to be something more. With Naked Heart, I found that something more.’

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Images: Jean-Baptiste Mondino, pictures courtesy of Harper’s Bazaar.


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