Must Read: Suzy Menkes addresses the current problems with the fashion industry

Suzy Menkes strikes again with an article so thought provoking it will surely ruffle a few feathers in the fashion industry this week. On Friday last week, Menkes wrote an article for the times addressing the current state of the industry. She openly discussed a topic many of us talk about over and again regarding the number of collections that each designer is expected to produce as well as the absurd timing for presenting the collection. The whole thing just seems like a giant ball of knots and no one seems to be too eager to untangle any of it. 

Well, Suzy is calling for change and she’s throwing in some tough facts to light fires. She highlights the demise of John Galliano, the suicide of Alexander McQueen, the constant pressure on editors to keep up and the fact that the only real emotion we have now is the excitement behind a purchase, not the purchase itself. 

In short, this is an article that must be read by any and all that work in or are interesting in this industry of fashion. Suzy’s putting it all out there and we’re one hundred percent behind her thought process. 

Read Sign of The Times by Suzy Menkes


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