Must Read: NYT’s Eric Wilson takes issue with the September issues

When it comes to September issues for 2013, I’ve heard my fair share of folks complaining about the offering. Hell, my September issues were given to the dog to play with after I was done with them. Truly, this is the first year where it felt like there wasn’t one issue worth keeping. That’s not to say I’ve cancelled my subscriptions or given up glossies all together. Rather, I’m just stating that magazines themselves felt less monumental this year. The September issues are the holy grail of fashion and this year they just felt like an oversized August issue. Not good.

So here I thought I was the only one feeling this way when I tripped upon a wonderful piece from Eric Wilson at the New York Times. In the piece, titled “A Look at September Fashion Magazines,”Mr. Wilson seemed to pinpoint everything I myself was thinking as I flipped through the pages of every American September Issue.

The article is well worth a read. In case you need a bit more prompting, here are some favourite points raised:

1. I miss when magazines were an escape from reality, not a reminder to go back online. Here are pages and pages about a beauty blogger with 700 million page views, a profile of Marissa Mayer and a futuristic fashion story that incorporates Google Glass, plus frequent appearances of bar codes and directions to videos of Anna Wintour”

2. “…is it just me, or has the branding of every editor and intern into a society/street-style star with pages dedicated exclusively to their own fabulousness made magazines seem as narcissistic as Facebook postings?”

3. Speaking of visible breasts, I’m not sure what to make of W, which includes 23 naked or almost naked ones (in a fashion shoot starring the transgender performer Carmen Carrera, in a photo tribute to Lee Miller, in an article that appears to recommend wearing fall fashions, um, backward).

Sure, it’s artsy, creative and typically boundary-pushing stuff for W. But (not to sound like a prude) I fear that if you, too, are trying to compete with online media, dear editors, you have been spending too much time in the darker corners of the Internet.

See what I mean? Go and read this article. Beautifully written, Mr. Wilson!


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