Eating our way through the Mad Hatter’s Tea at the Sanderson in London

Afternoon tea at the Sanderson hotel in London has a crazy twist on it this summer. The Mad Hatter has taken over at the Sanderson and the result is a quirky afternoon of tea and treats like nothing you have ever experienced before. 

First of all, the menu is kept in an antique book kept on the table. It does its best at describing the experience you are about to have but truly does nothing to prepare you for the presentation. The Mad Hatters Tea at the Sanderson is pretty surreal, but we’ll get to that. 

First of all, the teas themselves are not your typical English Breakfast. At the start of tea you are brought a tray to smell the new flavours on offer. We have Mint Chocolate Chip, Apple Pie, Strawberries and Cream and more. In the end, we went for the Strawberries and Cream. It was pure heaven. In fact, I need to find out where I can buy some for the office!

After we chose our Mad Hatter’s Tea, the treats arrived. A three tiered presentation was placed on the table with the most interesting selection of food. 

Oh and when I went to grab a sugar for my tea, I was surprised to find the sweet stuff was contained in a music box with a tiny dancer. Perfection!

Now on to what we discovered for sweets at the Mad Hatter’s Tea. On the top of the tray, we found meringue carrots. Surreal right? But, perfect for a Mad Hatter’s treat in London.

Then there was a direct reference to Alice in Wonderland with the “Drink Me” sipping sweet. You have to try this. It’s recommended you take three short sips as it’s a layered drink. For those looking for something less fruity and more rich, you’ll enjoy biting into the solid chocolate cup found on the second tier! 

Or if the chocolate cup isn’t your bag, perhaps cheesecake or a layered raspberry cake would be more your speed.

Then for the savoury treats at the Mad Hatter’s Tea at the Sanderson, we had a selection of rolled sandwiches. They were the typical tea sandwiches but rolled to perfection with ham and cheese, salmon, cucumnber and cheese and more.

Basically we’re mad about the Mad Hatter’s Tea at the Sanderson in London.

The afternoon tea runs daily from 12:30-5:30 and is priced at £35 per person.

For more information, visit the Sanderson Mad Hatter’s Tea website


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