Ladies, did you embrace Armpits for August?

You know men have Movember? This is of course when all of our husbands/boyfriends, who otherwise shave daily, decide to grow a moustache to raise awareness for prostate cancer. Well, now a group of women in the UK have decided that  Polycystic Ovary Syndrome (PCOS) deserves a shout out in the world and they’ve banned together to ditch their silky smooth armpits for a more natural look. Yes, these women are saying “hell no” to razors and “welcome” to the unfamiliar territory of hairy armpits. 

What’s it all about? Well, a quick visit to the Armpits4August website will explain it all, but here’s a brief synopsis. Basically one of the symptoms of PCOS is excessive hair growth. The women  behind Armpits4August are hoping their display will turn things around and make people rethink body hair. We all know armpit hair is, more often than not, seen as something that is rather unsightly in the western world. Heck, any hair, except for that on your head, is seen as a nuisance these days, right?

PCOS actually affects up to 10% of women today in the UK, so in truth this is no laughing matter. Whether you decide to ditch the razor next year or simply look into PCOS because of this new movement, Armpits4August will have done their job in simply raising awareness. 

Images: Armpits4August 

Original Story: Telegraph UK


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