Kenzo for kids: Tiger Onesies and more…

You know, I was just thinking the other day…”Poor babies, they have to wait all those years before they’re able to model Kenzo Tiger Sweaters on their future fashion blogs.” And then like a miracle from heaven, I received an email from Selfridges informing me that they are now carrying Kenzo Tiger for kids. Kenzo Tiger Baby Onesies, Toddler Tiger Sweatshirts and Tiger Hoody Dresses… what did we ever do without you? Of course, I say all of this half jokingly. Who are we kidding? The guys over at Kenzo are bloody brilliant! When you’ve already outfitted most of the industry in your must-have item, where do you look to next? Kids, naturally. And that’s just what they’ve done.

Now, a word of warning. The Kenzo kids’ sizes go up to a size 16. I’m thinking we might have another Stella McCartney for Gap Kids situation on our hands here, where grown women attend to fit into the kids clothes to grab a designer bargain. If you can pull it off, more power to you. The Kenzo Kids Tiger Hoody Dress is £70, much cheaper than the adult version of the sweatshirt. Placing bets now on how many days into fashion week it takes for us to see one street snapped! 

{Shop Kenzo for Kids at Selfridges now}


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