Covergirl goes Capitol with The Hunger Games Makeup Launch

A while back now, Covergirl announced they would be releasing The Hunger Games makeup collection. What this was exactly, no one knew. We didn’t have a visual. There were no product shots or finished looks. We just knew something was coming and it was all about The Hunger Games. So far, so good.

Well yesterday, Covergirl revealed, on Facebook, just a little bit more about what exactly we can expect from the cinema/makeup collaboration. First of all, there are 12 looks in total inspired by the 12 districts in The Hunger Games. Covergirl makeup artist Dotti created the looks and yesterday released two complete visuals for the world to take in.

First reaction? Does anyone else think these girls look like previous contestants of America’s Next Top Model? Obviously, we’re watching too much TV these days. In all honesty, these looks are creative genius. Only in the Capitol city would you see such outrageous makeup. 

If nothing else, these looks showcase the amazing versatility of the products. Now when do we get a product shot? Please tell us there’s a lipstick with flames on the packaging! Hello, Katniss red! 


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