FFG Weekly Reheat: Home to the South and a quick visit North, hello USA!

This week was all about home… good ole’ Southern home, well at least half of the time it was. I flew into Charlotte, North Carolina, on Friday afternoon and drove straight down to Beaufort, South Carolina where my parents live off the coast on a small island. It’s the finest Southern living I know as it combines Southern tradition with tropical climates year round. Basically it’s all about large iced teas, wrap around porches and watching the sun rise and set. Anything you do in between is slow and sweet. It’s more or less my idea of heaven. 

In total, we had 48 hours in paradise before boarding a plane to New Hampshire. We were off to pick up our latest addition to the family- Boomer! More to come on that. Here’s a look at the week in review from Southern Sunsets to Philly Cheesesteaks in Philadelphia.

We’ll kick off with a nod to Usair…guys, you’ve really amped up the upper cabin. For legroom, I was in heaven! Thanks for getting me home safely to the family once again.

Ready to lounge in South Carolina… come join us?

For me, there’s nothing more beautiful than a South Carolina Sunset over the marsh. Here’s a picture of the dock house as the sun goes down, and pictures from the dock. My hope is that each one of you get to see this one day, if you haven’t already. It quite simply takes your breath away. 

If you wait on the dock long enough at sunset, you’ll see a pair of dolphins (or more) go bye as if to say goodnight to the day. I caught a horrible picture of them herewith. Will work on grabbing a better one while here. Oh, and here I am all set to travel. Three days away and I look like I’m packing for a week!

Yes, once again it seems I’m eating my way up and down the east coast. What is it about America and excessive eating? Brings out the worst in me… but you only live once right? So in honouring that statement, I had a Philly Cheese Steak in Philadelphia and a Maine Lobster once we arrived at our destination. Not to shabby eating! 

There she blows… this lobster was as long as my arm and probably as thick as Arnold Schwarzenegger’s! 

We found a new Ben & Jerry’s Ice Cream Flavour- Cotton Candy! Of course we had to try. Not so sure it paired so nicely as a finish after eating a 2 1/2 pound lobster. Ugh, my stomach hurts just thinking about it. 


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