Daily Boomer: Sitting and Sleeping

It’s obvious Boomer is a bit conflicted at the moment as to whether he is dog or man. He likes to sit at the table and participate in the conversation. Yet, when he’s had enough he slinks off to bury his head in the most unpredictable places for a snooze. Just look at how he tells us he is bored of our topic of conversation. He heads straight for the cabinets and shields his ears from human voices. If only all of us had this option at bad dinner parties. 

Little Boomer is truly the most intelligent ball of fluff I’ve ever encountered. On tomorrow’s daily boomer, I think we may have to debut some video! We’ll see if there’s time. After all, we are taking time out from fashion news to bring you these cuddly updates everyday. Hope you’re still enjoying them! Only one week left. 


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