Daily Boomer: The Dock Dog

Yes, this is a week of firsts for little Boomer. However, when you’re brand new to the world everything is a first. So we can now check off Boomer’s first walk down the long dock to the swimming house. This might just have been the scariest thing we’ve done yet. As there are no low railings on the length of the dock, Boomer could have easily jumped off the side in a swan dive to catch a passing dolphin or pelican. Thank goodness he decided it was more fun to run as fast as he possibly could down the middle of the dock until he reached his final destination.

Upon arriving at his destination, Mr. Boomer felt it would be a good idea to test the comfort zone with his family. He would walk up to the very edge of the dock and lift just one paw, as if to say “I’ll do it if you could a step further.” 

Boomer is definitely a water dog and he wants in on the inter coastal. Only three more weeks for final shots and I have a feeling we’ll be begging him to step out of the water. 


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