Daily Boomer: The Boating Dog

So this week will be a lot of firsts for Boomer, from boating to beaching, baths to bumblebees. Everything is new to little Boomer and it’s truly a thing of beauty watching him discovering the ins and outs of the world. For example, this morning he learned he loved the feel of the ocean air blowing his ears up, up and away. He also learned, the tough way, that bumblebees don’t like being caught in your mouth. Poor puppy! You try and warn them, but sadly there’s a language barrier involved here.

Instead of sharing Boomer’s first run in with a stinging bundle of joy, I thought we’d concentrate more on his boating experience today.

Boomer is a natural. He has found his sea legs and it seems he prefers the waves to the walkways. In fact, in true golden retriever style, all he wanted to do was jump straight into the waves rather than enjoying them from the boat. Looks like this little guy is going to see a lot of water action. Oh, and there’s much more to come on that. But here’s a first look at Boomer, the boating dog…


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